• Alyssa Kerbel

    Founder and CEO, mini mioche

  • Katerina Juskey

    Co-Founder, LOHN

  • Patrice Mousseau

    Founder & CEO at Satya Organics

  • Lisa Heath

    CEO, MediResource Inc

  • Kena Paranjape

    Founder, All You Are, and Co-Founder, BRIKA

  • Nancie Ferron

    Co-Founder, La Maison Lavande

  • Priya Chopra

    President and Founder, 1Milk2Sugars

  • Catriona Smart

    Founder, Coco and Cowe, Co-Founder/Creative Lead Halo & Co.

  • Kirsten Chapman

    Senior Executive, Consultant & Former President CCO Indigo

Thought Leaders

  • Arati Sharma

    Founding Partner, Backbone Angels & Co-Founder, Ghlee

  • Avery Swartz

    Founder and CEO of Camp Tech and best-selling author

  • Annie Gaudreault

    Founder, Veev Health & Wellness

  • Laura Wright

    Food Blogger and Cookbook Author

  • Stephany Lapierre

    Founder and CEO, TealBook

  • Meera Estrada

    Beauty & Culture Expert/Cultural Commentator/ Producer & Host

  • Jennifer Green

    President, Jade Consulting

  • Laura Janney

    Chief Merchant, The Bay

  • Jasmine Malhotra

    IBM Canada Consulting, Chief Operating Officer

  • Dana Moskowitz

    Marketing Professor, Sheridan College

  • Victoria Mierzwa

    Co-Founder, LOHN


    Freelance writer & Co-Founder of The T-Zone